tempsPLUS understands the importance of accurately and thoroughly screening prospective employees before making a placement. In keeping with our corporate philosophy of presenting the best possible candidate for each job, tempsPLUS employs the following steps in its screening process.

  • All applicants must complete a detailed employment application that asks for specific information regarding the applicant's work history, experience, skill sets and educational background.

  • Comprehensive interviews are then conducted to assess each applicant's interpersonal communication ability, their actual skill level, and their specific work related interests and strengths.

  • Upon successful completion of the initial screening process, thorough reference checks are completed to verify the information provided by the applicant on their application and during the interview process. Examples of the information that is verified includes; dates of employment, job responsibilities, job performance, attendance, and how effectively the prospective employee worked with patients, supervisors and coworkers.

  • As a matter of course, tempsPLUS completes criminal record checks on all employees. Comprehensive background checks are completed covering the entire spectrum of requirements as mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services Department of Regulation and Licensing.

  • Licensure and specialty validations are carefully checked to ensure that all candidates are properly and accurately represented.

All applicants to the medical division at tempsPLUS must pass a comprehensive battery of skill and knowledge based examinations. In addition, each medical department applicant must provide all of the required certifications and state licenses before they are placed in any of tempsPLUS Staffing's client facilities.

tempsPLUS clearly understands and acknowledges that much of its success and reputation is built on the strong foundation of the employees it is able to recruit and retain. To that end, tempsPLUS prides itself on being the staffing service agency with a "heart". We respect and hold high every member of our employee pool. Without the great resource we have in our employees we would be out of business.